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New Machinery Added To Fabrication Facility

5th September 2014

Long-term business survival comes in part, from a company's ability to adapt to market conditions. Knowing this, the Directors of Polar challenged its production department to meet two primary objectives: reduce waste and inefficiencies and improve quality. 

Meeting this challenge began with the purchase of an Elumatec SLK 118 CNC Profile Machining Centre and an Elumatec EP124 crimper. In May 2014 they also added an Elumatec DG 142 double-mitre saw to their production facility. The machines were then networked to the design department. To meet CE Regulations operator Elumatec's Production Support and Training (PST) engineers delivered training.

Trevor Wade, director of Polar (N.E.) Ltd, said, "Typically we manufacture low volume, high variety, specialized aluminium products and as such need machines that are flexible and adaptable to suit each product's complexity. However earlier this year we were awarded two contracts for high volume, low variety products. The scale of these contracts is at the opposite end of the spectrum to our usual work but the products are still technically demanding, which is why the clients chose Polar."

"As well as improving our production efficiency and product quality, the arrival of the DG 142 has allowed us to create a better working environment. We have revised the factory layout to create a "machining zone". This gives us better noise control and reduces the areas where mandatory ear protection needs to be worn making the work place better for everyone. We considered machines from a number of manufacturers, finally choosing Elumatec because of their proven quality and the benefits of continuing to build on an already established working relationship. We can now produce more products, more accurately, and with more complexity, while maintaining our margin and the SLK 118 has enough inbuilt options to meet the manufacturing demands we're predicting in our ten year plan so we'll have the capacity and flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities."